A Brief History of the Club

The Indianapolis Oldtimer’s Club is the result of Walt Floyd and former Indianapolis Indians public address announcer Norman Beplay attempting to financially help George “Doggie” Harlan, a former athlete from Indianapolis.
The initial purpose of the club was to promote fellowship and help former athletes who were in financial stress. The first meeting occurred in 1957 in the basement of the old downtown Em-Roe’s Sporting Goods Store on West Washington Street. From this meeting, 95 phone calls produced financial assistance from 85 friends for a total of $850.00. The funds were used to help defray “Doggie’s” nursing home and doctor bills.
The second meeting was held in the Chateau Room of the old Claypool Hotel with 375 in attendance. The Oldtimers have continued to meet annually and have donated over $110,000 to various individuals and projects connected to sports plus $26,000 in scholarships to local high school students.
The club is operated with our $5.00 membership fee and any profits from the banquet. Your dinner ticket includes your $5.00 yearly dues.